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November 15, 2010 — Tech Admin

The Adeson Tri-Sonic type pick-ups are different to the Burns and Kent Armstrong type. The Adeson type Tri-Sonics are made with exact replica magnets, coils, covers and base plates.The magnets are isotropic and have a lower pull than the modern an-isotropic types used in the Burns and Kent Armstrong types.

Because of these differences in these pick-ups the setting of the heights differ.


Pick-up height suggestions:

Burns/Kent Armstrong type can be set to heights provided by Australian luthier/effect maker Greg Fryer:

Measurements taken from top side of the pick-up to the underside of the string:

Neck            Middle         Bridge

Top E

4.0 mm       3.0 mm       2.0 mm

Bottom E

5.0 mm       4.5 mm       3.5 mm


Adeson type Tri-Sonics will require heights closer to the strings. This is a method I have always used to set the Adeson type pick-ups on my RS guitars:

Fret the top E at the 24th fret and set this (treble) side of the bridge pick-up to 1mm from top of pick-up to underside of the string.

Fret the bottom E at the 24th fret and set this (bass) side of the pick-up to 1.5mm.

Use the same method for setting the middle and neck pick-ups with the same 1mm (top E side) and 1.5mm (bottom E side) for each pick-up setting.

This is usually a great starting place and I have rarely had to change these settings.

If you find you cannot achieve these close heights, set the bridge pick-up with the top E side as close as possible and set the bottom E side 0.5mm lower. Set the middle and neck pick-ups to the same distances.

Tri-Sonics, that are screwed directly the the body of the guitar, may require shimming to raise the heights. Adeson recommend that these shims should be non-metallic. Adeson suggest plastic or fibre washers. Steel washers are magnetic and can affect the inductance of the pick-ups. Plastic and fibre washers can generally be purchased from hobby electronics stores or hardware stores.