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November 15, 2010 — Tech Admin

The electrics (if well fitted) should be generally trouble free.

Occasionally problems occur like scratchy sounding pots, faulty jack sockets and switch failure.

These problems generally speak for themselves.

Pots can be cleaned with a suitable solvent cleaner available from hobby electronics stores. be very careful with solvent cleaners as it can damage the finish of your guitar and certain plastics. It is usually best to remove the offending pot from the guitar to spray with the cleaner. Alternatively the pots can be replaced for the same type.

Faulty jack sockets can be replaced easily. The barrel type are not normally repairable if faulty. They can be replaced with simple soldering job. Open jacks can be cleaned and maintained easily as the tip contact can be physically bent back if the jack socket becomes loose.

Switches can fail due to dirt/oxidation. These will require a simple clean with a solvent switch cleaner (available from hobby electronics shops). Again, the switch should be removed from the guitar to be cleaned to avoid the solvent coming into contact with the guitar finish/plastics.

Any other type of electrical fault should be investigated and repaired by a competent person or guitar technician. Soldering is relatively simple, if you know what you are doing, but can cause further problems for the guitar if it is clumsily done.

If in doubt, seek professional help.