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September 28, 2011 — Rough-Justice88
Guitar info
RS Custom
RS Classic
Antique Cherry
Guitar description: 
A great scale recreation. Although not endorsed by May himself, the guitar has many features which have come from the original Red Special guitar. The guitar took 6/7 months to build, it features a custom made bridge, similar to the original design and also the tremolo arm is constructed in a different way. The guitar is fitted with Adeson Tri-Sonics which really do wack out some punch! However, due to (misleading) information on the internet, I purchased some Kent Armstrong Tri Sonics, which i was lead to believe would give a much more authentic sound. It was when i had the guitar sent to a local tech, they informed me that the guitar itself had not been wired correctly. Bearing this in mind, i can still achieve the fabled 'Brian May' tones, however i have to use different pick-up settings. Another problem also, the Kent Armstrong pickups once fitted into the guitar, the scratch plate and pickup surrounds would not fit over the Armstrong pickups. The were a few mm larger around, so I now have a set of Kent Armstrong Pickups for sale ... I use this guitar in along with the Fryer Touring booster. Having previously owned the Deluxe. Much to my annoyance, it was shortly after receiving this guitar, the 'Brian May Super' was released which would have been perfect for me and my budget. NEVER MIND!